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Enrich Active Plus Powder

Enrich Active plus a super concentrated fully water dispersible powder developed out of novel fermentation of nutrient rich Enzymes. It is an excellent outcome of intense blend of multiple coats of valuable nutrients and growth supplements. researched by our scientist to ensure top quality performance and ample yield of all commercial crops.

  • Highly concentrated formulation.
  • Suitable for conventional Soil and drip irrigation applications.
  • Shows quick visual results.
  • Chelating properties making the nutrients contained in Enzymes available to plants.
  • Power Pack Formulation: Enrich Active Plus is a complex mix of nutrients and precursors formulated with Fast Free Flow formula that ensure fast translocation of nutrient to vital plant parts for comprehensive nutrition.
  • Natural Growth Enhancer: Enrich Active Plus helps to accelerate nutrient absorption from soil by enhancing germination, dense white rooting, and thicker stalks resulting in more lateral growth so that plants get healthier and stronger.
  • Dual Strength Plant Activator: Enrich Active Plus ensures steady supply of nutrients during critical stages like vegetative stage as well as reproductive stage.
  • Natural Stress Buster: Enrich Active Plus sprays builds up immunity and antistress capability that helps to combat environmental stress, disease and pest attack and improves plant vigour and shelf life of produce.
  • Full Spectrum Feeder: Enrich Active Plus supplies growth and flowering supplements to ensure complete nutritional activity for uniform ripening, bigger and lustrous fruits and reduces premature drop of flowers and fruits.

For All crops

Method of application:
Field trials at under differential soil and climatic condition have proved that Enrich Active Plus enhanced quality and marketable yield significantly when applied @ 15-20 gms per 15 liter of water at following critical stages of crops.
1) Seedling Stage
2) Physiological Development Stage
3) Pre Flowering Stage
4) Fruiting Stage
5) After Each Picking

Packing : 25 Kgs HDPE Bags