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Our methodology is our quality stack that we offer to our clients. With each stride precisely crafted to convey best results amid the complete improvement procedure is the thing that makes us unique in relation to others.

NPK Liquid 20:10:10

Super-Concentrated, High-Performance NPK Nutrition in Liquid Gel Form

NPK Liquid 20:10:10 is a complex fertilizer containing high Nitrogen along with balanced Phosphorous and potassium concentration. It is ideal for good flowering and fruit formation during the plant growth cycle. It is further enhanced by the integration of the EA2® Technology, which promotes absorption and translocation of nutrients.

  1. nutrient content wt/wtwt/vol
  2. Base Liquid Gel
  3. Total Nitrogen 15%20%
  4. Total Phosphorous (P2O5)8%10%
  5. Total Potassium (K2O)8%10%
  6. pH6.0 – 7.0
  7. Trace Elements (EDTA) Yes
  8. Specific Gravity 1.40 – 1.45 @18o

Key roles :


  • Vital for vegetative growth
  • Important from starch and protein synthesis


  • P2O5 is Vital for ATP (Energy molecule) synthesis
  • It helps in for root development
  • It is largely responsible for root growth and flower and fruit development.


  • It Activates over 60 enzymes
  • It Participates in starch and protein synthesis
  • It is Vital for stomatal activity
  • It Regulates sugar transport

Trace Elements

  • It Safeguard against the “Hidden Hunger” of plants

Features of NPK Liquid 20:10:10

1. EA2® Technology

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake and increased efficacy
  • Improved nutrient translocation and faster results

2. S4® Technology

  • Concentration beyond what normally achievable in liquid formulations
  • Unique form
  • High stability

3. High Quality Raw Materials

  • Ensure maximum efficacy and safety
  • Chloride free

4. Liquid Form

  • Easy to measure and convenient to use

5. Highly Concentrated

  • Reduced doses
  • Increased efficacy resulting in lower application costs

6. Enhanced Tank Mix Profile

  • Facilitates combined application for reduced application cost

7. Stability

  • Our certified manufacturing processes and testing, ensure a long shelf life
  • High -N concentration helps in plant growth and chlorophyll synthesis due to better mobility.
  • Balanced P and K concentration helps in rooting , flowering ,and fruit development resulting in overall plant growth.
  • Organically activated for better uptake and movement of nutrients
  • Enhanced with Bioactive elements for improved:
  • Abiotic stress resistance [heat, drought & salinity]
  • Biotic resistance [insect & diseases]
  • Fast nutrient uptake & utilization

Recommended Crops

  • For Fertigation: Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana, Cotton, Tomato, Onion, Sugarcane, Ginger, Turmeric, Watermelon, Floriculture and Protected


  • For Foliar application: All crops
  • Method of Application : Fertigation ,Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray.

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel

  • Foliar Spray 2 to 3ml/ℓ
  • Drip irrigation 500 ml/acre