Arihant’s sustainable agriculture solutions are derived from top quality raw materials which are sourced after a very rigorous background and quality check of the material and the supplier. We ensure that none of the products are in any way ones that flout industry standards or international environmental standards when it comes to its procurement. We make sure that the source supplier of the raw materials conform with our belief of sustainability and responsibility.


Arihant products are eco-friendly and eco-efficient. They are manufactured with a commitment to improve energy efficiency and waste reduction at all stages of production, and 100% of the valuable raw material is used throughout the process. We try to leave no leftover raw materials in the meticulously planned manufacturing process. And whatever small quantities of left over raw materials we end up with, are not disposed of, or wasted in any way. We use the said leftovers for the green patches within our premises and around in conformance with the local authorities. Our group companies are constantly evaluating new methods and technologies to further minimize its ecological footprint.


Arihant group prides itself on providing farmers with safe and environmentally friendly agricultural products that help optimize their crop’s production. Made of ingredients that are harmless to plants, animals and even people, Arihant crop care products generally do not cause chemical interactions with other crop inputs and are compatible with most other agricultural products. For consumers of those crops, Arihant solutions promote food safety as they can decrease a farmer’s need to use harsher crop protection inputs that leave harmful residues on foods.

Social Sustainability

The core personal beliefs of the founders, thanks to their parental guidance, have been that of ensuring giving and sharing of any and all resources. Volunteering and corporate giving are time-honored traditions at Arihant, which derives its name from a sect in India that spreads the word of being harmless to any and all beings in the world. The group has set up a charitable organization of its own called “Arihant Foundation” which has been constantly working in the field of education for all and has been helping people in times of natural calamities in the state of Gujarat and its surrounding states in India.

Economic Sustainability

Arihant group believes that growth is a concept best achieved together. Since the inception of the first company the constant endeavor has been to help our partners and clients grow in every way possible, which inevitably leads to mutual growth. We know that our future depends on satisfied repeat customers, and our mission is to provide them with agriculture products that help strengthen and grow their businesses. With a long-term commitment to protecting the environment and offering effective crop care tools to help farmers feed the world, our customers can rest assured that we will be there with them every step of the way.